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OEM Style Japanese Electrical Harness Wiring  Connectors

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Yazaki 090-II sealed sensor connector

Yazaki part# 7283-1133-10

(Toyota# 90980-11261)

Come complete with 18 - 22 awg terminals and seals

Yazaki 090-II Connectors

HW090 Sealed Series

Honda/Acura Junction-Splice connector

HW090 Junction Connector

Subaru ignition module connector

Suzuki Kawasaki Subaru 6 pin Connector

Sumitomo HM090 16 pin

Suzuki GSXR injector harness connector

Comes complete with terminals and seals

Made in Japan

Suzuki  GSXR HM090 16 pin Connector

HX090 Denso Alternator connector

Used as Acura, Jaguar, Toyota/Lexus, Suzuki

Come complete with 18 - 22 awg terminals and seals

HX 090 connectors

HD-HE 187 Non-Sealed Terminals

8100-1506, 100-1507, 8100-0782, 1500-0166


Applicable wire size 0.5-1.25mm2

Cable overall diameter (mm) 1.6-2.9 M

aterials Heat-resistant copper alloy

Surface treatment Tin-plated


Applicable wire size


Cable overall diameter (mm) 1.6-2.9

Materials Brass Surface treatment Tin-plated

HD187 non-sealed Terminals

Sumitomo 250 ET-ETN housing lance Connectors

6070-2911, 6070-2891, 6070-2481

        Marker/turn signal/brake light switch Connectors

Sumitomo TS 025 Sealed Series Connectors

        TS025 (.64mm) Sealed Series connectors

20 pin HM .090 Non-Sealed Junction-Splice Connector

Terminals Fit wire size .5 - 1.3 mm (16-20 AWG)


    Sumitomo  HM090  20 PIN JUNCTION

This HM series non-sealed junction has 4 individual bussed circuits that make it great for bussing grounds or power supply


Bosch Kompact 1 series

        Bosch Kompact Connectors are Here

Sumitomo TS090 4 cavity Connectors

6188-0517, 6189-0629

      Sumitomo TS090 Sealed onnectors can be found here

JAE IL-AG5 Series Connectors

Commonly use:

Instrument cluster connector

Climate control unit connector

Instrument panel switches

(TCS, Cruise control main switch, Int light Dimmer, clock, etc…)

        JAE IL-AG5 Series can be found here

Sumitomo TS090 2 cavity  Female Connector

Sumitomo part number 6189-0249

Toyota part numbers 90980-11156, 90980-12634

      Sumitomo TS090 Sealed Connectors can be found here

4 pin HX .090  Fuel Pump Connector

Sumitomo HX 040  1 pin Female Connector

Housing 6189-0940  and Retainer 6918-1979

HX 090 Connectors
HX 040 Connectors

TE-AMP Brand Junior Power Timer Series

                             AMP Jr Power Timer Series are here

Sumitomo HD 250  Series

                              Sumitomo HD 250 Series

AMP - Micro Power Quadlock and Power Quadlok Series

                              Amp Micro Power Quadlock

16 Pin OBDII J1962F Female Connector Pigtail

26 AWG tin plated wire - 11 inches in Length

PIN         WIRE COLOR                               FUNCTION                            

1             Black                                            Lo Speed CAN

2             Brown                                          J1850 Bus +

3             Red                                               Vendor Option

4             Orange                                        Chassis Ground

5             Yellow                                          Signal Ground

6             Green                                           CAN / ISO15765 Hi +

7             Blue                                              ISO9141-2-K Line

8             Violet                                           Vendor Option

9             Gray                                             Vendor Option

10           White                                           J1850 Bus (-)

11           Pink                                              Vendor Option

12           Light Green                                 Vendor Option

13           Black/White stripe                    Vendor Option

14           Tan/White stripe                       CAN / ISO15765 Lo -

15           Red/White stripe                       ISO9141-2-L Line

16           Green/White stripe                   VBAT (+12 VDC)

Sumitomo HD 090 and Hybrid 090/187 Non-Sealed Connectors

New items added are:

6098-0259 20 cavity female socket

6098-0260 20 cavity male plug

6950-0992 14 cavity - 090 x 12 -187 x 2 Hybrid

HD Series Connectors

Sumitomo TS 090/187 Hybrid Sealed Connector

New items added are:

8100-0464 TS 187 male terminal

7165-1347 TS 187 wire seal

6188-0101 Sumitomo 5 cavity male plug 090 x 3 - 187 x 2

Molex MX150 Polarization Key B

New itemsadded are:

NAMZ/Molex 33472-4002, 33472-0402

NAMZ/Molex 33472-0802


                Molex MX150 Series Connectors

TE/Tyco/AMP MCON 1.2 connector

New part numbers added are:

Amp 1-1718644-1

Amp 7-1452668-1

                    AMP MCON Connectors

Factory OEM Ignition Coil Connector

Subaru 2013 -16 BRZ FA20 FK0438

Scion 2013-16 FR-S FRS 2.0 SU00300417

Toyota 2013-16 86 SU003-00417


Molex 16 Pin OBDII J1962F Female Connector Set

Specifically used on late model Triumph motorcycles

Molex part #s included

51115-1601 Housing

51118-1605 Lock plate retainer

50420-8000 Female Terminal