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OEM Style OBDII Connectors

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Molex OBDII Port Female Terminal

.3 - .5 mm2 (20 - 24 AWG)

Molex OBDII Female Terminal  $0.15 each

OBDII Connectors

16 Pin OBDII J1962F Female Connector Pigtail

26 AWG tin plated wire - 11 inches in Length

PIN         WIRE COLOR                               FUNCTION                            

1             Black                                            Lo Speed CAN

2             Brown                                          J1850 Bus +

3             Red                                               Vendor Option

4             Orange                                        Chassis Ground

5             Yellow                                          Signal Ground

6             Green                                           CAN / ISO15765 Hi +

7             Blue                                              ISO9141-2-K Line

8             Violet                                           Vendor Option

9             Gray                                             Vendor Option

10           White                                           J1850 Bus (-)

11           Pink                                              Vendor Option

12           Light Green                                 Vendor Option

13           Black/White stripe                    Vendor Option

14           Tan/White stripe                       CAN / ISO15765 Lo -

15           Red/White stripe                       ISO9141-2-L Line

16           Green/White stripe                   VBAT (+12 VDC)

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OBDII  Female Cable $7.85

Molex 16 Pin OBDII J1962F Female Connector Set

Specifically used on late model Triumph motorcycles

Molex part #s included

51115-1601 Housing

51118-1605 Lock plate retainer

50420-8000 Female Terminal

Great for any application requiring an OBDII port for data acquisition or diagnostics.

OBDII  Female Cable $5.90
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