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OEM Style Japanese Wiring Harness Electrical Connectors and Terminals

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  Hi, just like to tell you a little about myself and how Cycle Terminal came to be. First and Foremost, I truly believe in using only the Highest Quality Components available. Its all I use., and highly recommend you do the same for reliability and peace of mind..

   I try to source and purchase only original components like Sumitomo,  Amphenol, Delphi, Yazaki, AMP Brand, Molex, and Cooper Bussmann to name a few.


  I make all wiring harness myself one at a time, so the Quality will always be reassured. We try to provide you with a product that uses high quality manufacturing, with realistic pricing, using only the best components to produce these items. We stand behind the product, and you will never have a problem returning an item if it fails to meet your needs or expectations.

  This is a registered business, sole proprietorship. I am  located in New Jersey, and have have been working on cars professionally for about 23 years now for a local dealer, so I guess you could say I am a factory trained technician for a popular Japanese make.  I also have about another 32 years (Since the age of 13) working on Motorcycles, ATV’s, Tractors,Trucks, and Outboards to add to that experience. My goal is to provide good  high quality parts for a reasonable price, and get it to you fast.


We do have a small shop located just outside of town. That we share with South Jersey Auto ,and Mirror Image detailing. Both great solely owned small businesses..

  Just like those of you reading this, we love to ride, Street bikes, dirt bikes, and Boats. After having trouble finding Factory connectors and terminals that I needed for upgrades and repairs, I started to source stuff out, Buying from all over the world - Japan, UK, and China. The parts were hard to come by, couldn't find half of what I wanted, and if it was available on EBay, it was in China or the UK. So I started buying in bulk From large distributors and selling off what I didn't need on EBay with good results. There are no real EBay sellers with decent quality stuff in the US, and that is still true to this day. And if you do find it, shipping is slow, or the item is cheap.

  I do all the picture taking, page design, and listings myself.  It’s still rough and being upgraded and edited every day. I work on the site myself, Editing, Downloading, Uploading, printing and packaging, and keeping track of all the stock, my spelling and punctuation are atrocious, I  know.

The sourcing is done by two of us, And It’s quite the task.

   We are still getting started, costs are high and funds are minimal at this point.. Stock on some of the connectors is limited, We are constantly trying to increase the quantities that we buy. If I don't have the quantity you need, I will always send you remaining for for no additional shipping  when it does come in. And if you ever need anything and you don't see it, please ask. I probably have it, or can get it..


  I am also trying to offer you some extras, like wiring diagrams and the service manuals for download. It gets very time consuming and expensive doing this. So if you ever need something please help support this site and keep it going, buy using the “Add to cart”.  

Email any questions or comments HERE to open your mail client


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