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OEM Style ATC/ATO 5 Circuit Sumitomo Type Fuse Box

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5 Circuit Fuse box for ATC/ATO fuse

Comes complete with

10 x 12-14 AWG strip terminals

10 x 14-20 AWG strip terminals

5 Circuit ATC fuse box identical to what was used on

the late 90’s Suzuki Bandit.

Great for upgrading old automotive glass fuse holders.

Can be mounted to the fire wall or inner fender liner.

Great for a motorcycle with a little bit of room.

Complete with terminal strips in 2 sizes

Built on cover

3 cavities for spare fuses

Mounting tabs for 6mm bolt/screw

ATC Female Terminal Strip

For wire sizes for 14 - 12 AWG ( 2mm - 3mm )

Also fits Suzuki Bandit

    Strip of 5 terminals for 12-14 AWG

     $1.75 each

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This is the same as the 5 circuit power distribution box used on the Suzuki Bandit in the late 90’s.

The 5 Circuit Fuse box comes with bussed terminals for easy set up and less wiring to power it up.

Its very Flexible with stripped bus terminals that can be cut to length so you can power up more then one fuse with a constant power and power the rest with a single switched hot lead.

Suzuki Type ATC Fuse Box
In the photo on the right you see the bussed
power lead on the top powering up 3 circuits.

This can be Hot at all times while the remaining
open cavities will except a strip on 2 that can be
powered by a switched relay.

The terminal on the bottom comes off the opposite
side of the fuse. These need to be cut
into individual terminals and will be the power
out the the device you wish to power up.
Fuse box can be mounted using 6mm bolts or screws.

ATC Female Terminal Strip

For wire sizes for 14 - 20 AWG ( 2mm - .5mm )

Also fits Suzuki Bandit

     Strip of 5 terminals 14-20 AWG

     $1.70 each

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ATC 5 Circuit Fuse box

$9.95 each
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Open Barrel Crimp Tool  For 14 - 24 AWG

Ratcheting Type

Made in USA - NOT recommended for 4mm Bullets and 250 AMP terminals.


$85.95 each ECT464   Special Order

For Help using crimp tools check out this link

Please Note:
The handle Color, and design may vary from the supplier

Pressmaster KRB-0560 - Made in Sweden  by Pressmaster

Open Barrel Terminal Crimp Tool For 10 - 20 AWG


By far the best Crimp tool Available!! Built to the Highest Quality Standards!

Good for 50,000 crimps, If you do a lot of crimping with these type terminals,

this is the tool to have.

This crimp tool works better than anything I have ever used for .250-.312 - 3.5mm

and 4mm bullet terminals.  Works great for some non-sealed .090,  .110, and .187

Also sold by Apex tools Xcelite ECP-112

You wont find this one cheaper if you can find it at all.

Comparable to a $300.00 plus set up at a fraction of the price.

Comes in a blister pack and white box.

may be repackaged for shipping due to the length of the factory packaging.

Ratchet release is on the inside of the handle.


                          You will find the Pressmaster KRB-0560 HERE

Crimp tools that work best for these Terminals can be found here