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Pressmaster KRB 0560 Terminal Crimping Tool for Open Barrel Terminals

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I cant say enough about this one - By far the best Crimp tool Available for open barrel terminals.
Built to the Highest Quality Standards! Made in Sweden - by Pressmaster.

For many of the open barrel non-sealed terminals like.
.090 HM non sealed,  .110, .250, .305, .312 male and female spade terminals.
3.5mm bullet terminals, 4mm bullet terminals, fuse box terminals, and some ring terminals.

Rated for 50,000+ cycles - If you do a lot of crimping with these terminals, this is the tool to have.

Quality in every detail.
We work with tight tolerances and ensure quality all the way from CAD design through to manufacturing and assembly.
The manufacturing process is regularly controlled by optical measuring equipment and supervised by highly skilled personnel.
The majority of our hand tools have an expected working life of at least 50,000 cycles.
Pressmaster AB has been ISO 9001 accredited.

Our soul is in Älvdalen.
Since the start, our factory has been located in Älvdalen,
a community deep within the mountains and forests of Sweden.
The people of the region have a long history of adapting to their environment by creating clever solutions,
and we are proud to be a part of this tradition. This is what enables us to remain at the forefront of our industry.
With ingenuity and skill, we have developed and manufactured tools in Älvdalen since 1976.
Our knowledge and people, in combination with our stimulating environment,
have resulted in a company supplying hand tools to the world’s leading connector Manufactures and Premium distributors.

KRB-0560 Features

Technical Specifications

Length: 256 mm/10.08"

Width: 22 mm/0.87"

Height: 80 mm/3.15"

Weight: 560 gr/1.25 lb

Wire size: 0.5-6 mm2 / AWG 22-AWG 10

Crimp dimensions mm/mm2: 0,5 - 1,5 mm2/1,5 - 2,5 mm2/2,5 - 6 mm2

Crimp dimensions inch/AWG: AWG 22 - AWG 16/AWG 16 - AWG 14/AWG 14 - AWG 10

Connector: Uninsulated open barrel connectors

Description: For uninsulated open barrel connectors.

Life span, cycles: 50,000

Serial Number
Calibration-Adjustment cover
Crimp Profile
Die Profile
Pressmaster KRB-0560 $151.95 each
14  gauge TXL
4mm ring
6mm ring
Fuse box
Amp .250
3.9 bullet
Yazaki 250
Amp 250
Yazaki 312
3.9 bullet
3.9 bullet
Amp 250
3.9 bullet
Amp 250
Fuse box
6mm ring
All of these crimp below were done with the KRB 0560
It will also work well with many other types of terminals like the Yazaki YPC.
18  gauge TXL
16  gauge TXL
16  gauge AVX
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