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Eclipse Crimp tool and Dies, Cutters and Wire striper.

Eclipse Crimp tool Frame and Die for Open Barrel Terminals

Crimp tool for Open Barrel Terminals - Eclipse Brand - for  10 -20 AWG

Thumb Screw for quick changing of Dies.

Compact size, Comfort Grip Handles.

Works great for 3.5 and 4mm Bullet Terminals 187 - 250 - 312 Open barrel Terminals

It takes a bit of practice to get the .110 (2.8mm) terminals down, ratchet pressure release will need to be adjusted. These will even work well with non sealed 090 terminals.

I would recommend extra terminals to practice with for .110 and smaller terminals.

Use the Center Die for 18 gauge wire, when using 14-18 terminals.

Note: for 090 and smaller Sealed Terminals, use crimp tool ECT47 Micro Crimper.

$32.00 each - ECT 005                                     

Optional dies are available for closed barrel, and open barrel pin terminals.

For Help using crimp tools check out this link

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Die for Insulated Close Barrel Terminals

        Insulated Closed Barrel    $14.95 each

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Additional Eclipse Die Sets

Die for Non Insulated Close Barrel Terminals

Non-Insulated Closed Barrel    $14.95 each

Die for Small Ring and Splice Terminals

Works Great for Smaller Ring terminals

BL104, BL105, BL106

Small Medium sized Splice Terminals

3 x 16, 4 x 18, 3 x 22

                       Splice Terminal   $17.95 each

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3 x 16 gauge wire with medium splice
3 x 18 gauge wire with small/medium splice

Die for Open Barrel Terminals

This die comes as standard with the tool frame above

                            Open Barrel    $14.95 each

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