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OEM Honda 16 Pin ICM-CDI-ECU Connector

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This 22 pin Sumitomo connector was used for many of Honda’s olde rand some later models from late 80’s to mid 2000’s.

Including some of the CBR and VFR, VT750, VT1100

Please see below for more info on this connector and working with it.

These parts are no longer being manufactured by the OEM or aftermarket.

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Honda ICM 16 pin Connector

For Some Honda electronic ignition control units


Comes complete with

16 x Terminals for 18 - 24 awg  

16 x Wire seals

8 x Plugs (MT090 plug)

1 x Retainer

Honda - 16 pin Female Housing Black - $13.95 each

Some Applications include

1996 CBR900 ICM

1998-2003 VT750 ICM

1998-2000 VT1100 ICM

Honda 16-pin Sealed ICM Connectors

Honda ICM 16 pin Connector Seal Retainer

For Some Honda electronic ignition control units


These seal retainers are fragile even when new.

So if you had to work on the wiring of your ignition control unit

and broke the retainer. I have your replacement.

                  Honda - 16 pin Seal Retainer - $1.95 each

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ICM Female Terminal

.3 - .85 mm (18-24 AWG)

ICM Terminal

$0.25 each

Crimp tool for these at

the bottom of the page.

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Honda ICM Wire Seal


For (18-24 AWG)

ICM Wire Seal

$0.40 each

This is what the ignition control unit connector looks like
2 rows x 8 pins - off set from each other.
There is a lock on both top and bottom of the connector,
You much press them both in when removing the connector.
Here we have the top view of the connector
The bottom is similar with a couple slight differences.
This back cover holds the wire seals in place
These retainers are fragile even when new.
be sure your work is complete before installing it.

If you break one while working on this housing
I have just the cover available above.
From the front side you can see the pins (terminals)
will not be so easy to remove.
There is a locking tab on each side of the terminal itself
that will require patience or a special tool
This tool has special tip that will go over the pin
And push both tabs in at the same time.

These tools are made by TE/Amp, Molex, Sumitomo
and others.
I will have one of these available above.

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Complete with terminals, seals, 8 plugs and retainer

ICM Terminal Extraction removal tool

This tool has multiple terminal applications.

You can check Molex terminal application chart And removal procedures here

TE/AMP brand terminals also apply

ICM Terminal extraction tool

Molex 11-03-0044 $26.95 each

You will find instruction on how to crimp these terminals

and use this extractor towards the bottom of the page.

Add to Cart Removing the Seal and Terminal
Hold the housing in one hand and insert the
tip of the extractor tool as shown. (with the tip
of the tool on each side of the pin terminal)
Now push inward on the tool to press the retaining locks
located on each side of the terminal, (you may have to
squeeze the tip of the tool, but this shouldn't be necessary)
Lightly pull back on the wire, removing the terminal
and seal at the same time.
Installing the Seal and Terminal Crimp
The wire seal on this connector goes on the wire first, and does not get crimped to the terminal.
It will get held in place with a seal retainer that goes on the back side of the connector.
1- Insert the the seal on the wire.
2- Strip the wire insulation to the proper length
3- Crimp your conductor crimp
4- Crimp your insulation crimp
The insulation crimp tabs are rather long.
They must be properly crimped (rolled) as seen in this photo.
The terminal crimp tabs need to be adjusted so they are
parallel to each other. They must fit in the die properly
and remain parallel.
This is now ready to be inserted into the housing.
It will only go in one way and cannot be inserted upside down.

Once the terminal is locked in the housing.
The seal will get pushed in the housing behind the terminal.
The remaining needed dummy plugs will go in the empty cavities.
Then the seal retainer will get get snapped on the back side.

(This crimp was done with PA-21 by Engineer-Made in Japan.
It has limited use for Mini/Micro terminals due to the
very narrow dies. But iti works great for terminals like these
and other tiny pins like the JST-JWPF series terminals.)

PA-21 Mini Terminal Crimp tool for MX Mini-Fit Jr

Made in Japan

This tool has multiple terminal applications.

Molex, Amp ,JST, JAE, and many others.

                         PA-21 $45.95 each No Stock!! Check Amazon

Die thickness is 1.8mm

Die width is shown on the tool 1.6mm, 1.9mm, 2.2mm, and 2.5mm

Normally sell for $56.00 to $75.00

For terminals available at Cycle Terminal - This tool is only recommended for the terminals on this page.

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MXJ 2A 52252 Honda 16 pin  icm-cdi connector