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OEM Style Japanese Motorcycle Electrical Connector Covers

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Wiring Harness Connector Covers

Made of Soft PVC. Designed to cover Bullet terminals and connectors at the ends of the wiring harness, or harness break-out.

Motorcycle Harness Connector covers

Another tough one to source.

These are the Same covers sold by Web Bike Japan.

These soft PVC covers can be found at the ends of the wiring harness or harness break-outs.

At 1.5mm in thickness, these are available in 5 sizes

Extra Small, small, medium, large, and XL,  the clear medium is to come.

Extra Small    ( Not Pictured in Photo )

Harness end =  8 mm     Large end = 22 mm  -Total length = 65 mm      $3.20 each


Harness end =  11 mm    Large end = 28 mm  -Total length = 70 mm      $3.45 each


Harness end = 12 mm     Large end = 35 mm  -Total length = 80 mm      $4.35 each


Harness end = 17 mm     Large end = 38 mm  -Total length = 90 mm      $4.95 each

Extra Large

Harness end = 19 mm     Large end = 52 mm  -Total length = 100 mm    $5.75 each

Medium is pictured Below
PVC Connector Covers - Round
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Square Harness Connector covers

These will fit over male and female

4 pin 250 connectors

6 pin 110 connectors


Large end Width = 26 mm

Large end Height = 18 mm

Harness end Diameter = 10 mm  

Boot length = 40 mm   

Total length = 76 mm    

                                                                                              $3.55 each

PVC Connector Covers - Square
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