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OEM Automotive Electrical Connectors - TE/AMP MCON Series Connector

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Tyco-Amp MCON

MCON 3 pin Female Socket Connector

Terminal conductor size 20 - 24 awg (.2 - .5mm)

Comes Complete with Connector, Terminals, and Yellow wire seals


TE/Amp MCON 1-1718644-1 3P Code A

TE/Amp MCON 7-1452668-1 Contact

TE/Amp MQS 967067-2 Seal

Applications include

Factory OEM Ignition Coil Connector

Subaru 2013 -16 BRZ FA20 FK0438

Scion 2013-16 FR-S FRS 2.0 SU00300417

Toyota 2013-16 86 SU003-00417

MCON 3 Female $3.95 each
TE/Amp MCON 1.2 Connectors
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Economy  - Micro Open Barrel Crimp Tool

For Amp Econoseal and SSC 070 - 040 Terminals, Insulation crimp and Wire Seals 16 - 30 AWG  

Made in USA by Rostra

I have used this and  you can get factory quality crimps with it. This tool does the wire crimp, then the insulation or wire seal crimps in 2 steps.

If your not doing this type of crimping all the time, great tool to add to your box, and you cant beat the price. Pick up a few extra terminals to practice with.

These will not do Bullet terminals, or 110, 250 standard terminals      


                                                          $33.95 each   ECT47

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TE-Amp MCON Female Socket Terminal

Terminal conductor size 20 - 24 awg (.2 - .5mm)

TE/Amp MCON 7-1452668 -1

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AMP MCON Female Terminal  $0.30 each

TE-Amp MCON Wire seal

For insulation outer dia. .9 - 1.4 mm

TE/AMP Part# 967067-2

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AMP MQS Wire Seal White  $0.13 each

TE-Amp MQS MCON Cavity Plug

TE/AMP Part# 967056-1

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AMP MQS Dummy Plug  $0.12 each

There is a MINIMUM ORDER of $5.00  on order total.